Tom Wright
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 34

About Tom

Tom Wright grew up in Berwick in a family of nine children. His first job was on a neighbor's farm where he learned the value of hard work. His parents taught him to give back to his community and Tom has done that with his volunteer work and staying busy in his town. He served two terms as a State Representative and is in his seventh year as a town Selectman. He wants to bring these experiences to the Maine Senate and bring Maine together.

Fighting For Working Mainers

Tom grew up in a family of nine and life was not always easy. Even though his father was blind, he went to work everyday to provide for his family while his mother stayed home to manage the family. Tom learned the value of hard work on a neighbor's potato farm and working in the family's woodlot.

When Tom and his wife started their family, he worked in construction while Terri worked part time to pay the bills. They were lucky to have family help with their children while they were working. Even with both of them working, it was hard to make ends meet when the economy was bad. Now their children are starting their families and Tom sees it harder still to make their way.

Five years ago, Tom was injured in a workplace accident and can no longer work in construction. He decided to run for Selectman and give back to his community. Now he wants to be a Maine Senator so he can be the voice of the working person in Augusta.

On the Issues

Tom Wright knows how hard it is to make a living in Maine. After working forty years in construction, he experienced the ups and downs of the economy and the struggle to pay the bills. Tom wants to make sure that the voices of workers are heard in the Maine Senate and that everybody has a seat at the table.


The foundation of all great society is a fully educated public. We need better access to education by removing financial barriers and increasing opportunities in our communities.

The Environment

We need to increase the use of renewable power and decrease the use of fossil fuels. Maine has the oldest housing stock in the country and we need to retrofit it and increase energy efficiency. Renewable energy creates jobs in new industries.


Healthcare is the right of everybody. Healthy children learn more and healthy adults are more productive. Lack of access is killing us, we need to educate and fund more healthcare providers

Jobs and the Economy

This is the issue that ties everything together. The more education workers have the productive and innovative they are. Renewable energy creates more job opportunities and increases workers skills. A healthy workforce is more productive and loses less time due to sickness and injuries.


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